Frequent Questions

My first suggestion is make a file of the dresses that you like, that way at your initial consultation I will know the type of style that you are looking for. A picture is worth a thousand words. Once details are discussed, a sketch will be drawn and fabric will be chosen.If I do not have your fabric or trim in studio, no need to worry, I do all of the searching for you. It will normally take two to four fittings …then you pick up your one of a kind gown. The same process works for bridesmaids & mothers, except usually only one fitting.

Having a dress made usually takes usually takes between three to five months .This is from initial consult to pick up. I have, however, created gowns in as little a a month.

Do not be frightened by the word “custom”, it just means that it is made for you ! You will be purchasing a locally made gown ,with superior fabrics that will fit you perfectly. Short custom wedding gowns range from $ 450.00 to $ 650.00 ,long gowns range from $ 700.00 to $1500.00. Bridesmaid dresses range from $ 180.00 to $ 300.00. The average being $ 200.00. Having your bridesmaid dresses made will be less than a bridal store… The prices shown above include, fabric, labour & notions. Since fittings are included there is no additional cost for alterations.

I as a rule, do not start making a gown until about three months before your wedding. I want your body as close as we can to the body that you will be having on “your day “. The process will include a few fittings, so changing your body’s shape is no problem. The process also works if anyone in your wedding party is pregnant or has just had a baby.

Its all about communication. I have become quite good at reading people, however I do not read minds. If you want something changed on your gown, you just have to ask. Some of my girls know exactly what they want at the initial consult while others are willing to go were the creative process leads them. If you have any questions… I am always a phone call away.


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