Proof of Vaccination Required

With the rise in Covid 19 cases, Natalie feels it necessary to take this extra layer of protection for her household, as her studio is attached to her house. She is fully vaccinated, and wants to keep her family healthy. The nature of this business means that very close contact is made, and to keep everyone safe and healthy, it’s necessary to err on the side of the strictest of measures.  When the daily cases are in decline, this decision will be revisited. 

Other Measures Required: 

– Masks MUST be worn in the studio. If you do not have one, they are available here. 

– Hand sanitizer will be used upon entering and existing the studio. 

– Please be on time, as the studio needs to be sanitized between clients. 

– Only bring what you need to the appointment. 

– Please come by yourself for your fittings.  

– If you have any Covid- like symptoms, are awaiting a test or have been contacted by public health officials, or in quarantine, I kindly ask that you reschedule your appointment. 

– Washroom facilities are not available at this time. 

Please refer to Nobility Clothing Design Facebook Page for the most current Covid Protocols 


For further information on Covid-19, please visit the Government of New Brunswick website HERE